The BluPeak Estate Analytics Management Approach

At BluPeak , we aim high in our continuous pursuit of improvement and growth. We are reshaping old practices by offering a scientific, innovative, and integrated approach to services and outcomes for achieving the best results.

Potential Offerings

We provide full management of the key features and value of your assets (Asset Snapshot).
We operate in the most secure way by collecting and organizing in a digital manner all relevant documents and information for your property.

Design Approach

We selectively design the appropriate research process to understand the expectations, goals, and rationale, enabling us to execute our work to the benefit of our client while addressing any technical challenges for the best outcome.

Execution Process

We evaluate the available information, record it promptly, and compose elaborate and scientific reports to meet the client’s needs and provide financial solutions. The generated analyses and reports fully reflect the image of your properties and document strategies and tactics for optimization.

Deliverables and Consulting

We provide analyses and reports for every aspect of the property, estate, and real estate portfolio with appropriate explanations and suggestions for better decision-making, along with additional guidance for implementing the decision for improved performance.

Data Refreshing

We continually update information by automatically incorporating new data related to your properties/portfolio, evaluating overall value from the beginning, proposing performance-oriented solutions, or recommending stable strategy solutions.

Visible Benefits

Detailed data analysis is at the core of our work for determining the real financial value, ensuring the best possible performance for our clients. Our vision aligns with and focuses on the improvement and evolution of the real estate sector and property management in Greece.
We contribute to good market management with methodical approaches, using appropriate applications (data analytics) for making strategic decisions.

Management Phases – Reports and Services

A. Situation Appraisal

Information Collection – Data Collection
Compilation of a current real estate market status report – Macro Level Report
(Market Attractiveness vs. Portfolio Potential)
Analysis of Economic Conditions vs. Real Estate Market Trends

Β. Analysis and Reports

1. General assessment of real estate assets and property companies – Preparation of Property Appraisal Report – Application of a specialized model for corporate real estate appraisal
2. Technical and Financial Information (determination of Net Asset Value – NAV & comparative valuation – Peer Group Valuation)
3. Report on utilization / residual method (residual approach) – method of residual or depreciated replacement cost
4. Alternative Report (counterbalance)
5. General investment report – capitalization or income method
6. Corporate value maximization report
7. Quantification and calculation of risks – adjustment of corporate value
8. Creation of a detailed digital/visualized real estate file

C. Strategic Real Estate Planning

Development Strategy
Stability Strategy
Fortification Strategy

D. Coaching

Effective negotiation of real estate purchase or sale agreements
Support for financial statements based on the quality of corporate value
Guidance on handling decisions related to the value of the real estate portfolio of the company

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